Update on computers freezing

CTS believes they may have found the issue but need a little more info. Whenever you encounter this, go ahead and do a restart but ask the person using the computer what programs they were using at the time, specifically if they were using Google Chrome. There is possibly a setting in Chrome that is not interacting correctly with the Windows 10 image. Also remember to send me the decal of any computers that freeze along with the programs.

Possible solution

If someone prints to the color printer and experiences the issue of it printing random numbers and letters, have them download the PDF, then open it with Adobe. Once they do that have them print it but make sure they select “Print as image” before they click print

Color Printer printing out garbled letters and numbers

Over the last few days people have been printing to the color printer, several of them have had their print job come out as white pages with a line of random letters and numbers. I have put in a ticket to CTS and they are looking into it. If anyone reports this to you please get the following info: What type of document were they printing? (PDF/Word) Did it have pics in it? Which OS were they logged into? Message this info to me with the computer decal.

Computers freezing

I have reported to CTS that computers that are logged into the Windows side have been freezing and require a restart. We are putting up signs telling people to use the mac side. CTS is currently working on a fix for this. If you have a computer that freezes DO NOT RESTART it right away. Call Nate Chapman in CTS at x2359 so he can come over and look at it while it is frozen.

Mac printing issue mostly fixed

There are only 2 computers that CTS was unable to fix in terms of the mac printing issue – Computer 20176 on the first floor and 20234 on the 2nd floor. If someone comes to you and says that they cannot print from the mac side verify which computer it is. If it is one of these 2 let them know they need to use the Windows side or a different computer. If it is not one of these 2, tell them the same thing but get the decal and send it to me.

USB drives in the new computers

when Apple came out with the new Mac minis which have been installed here in the Commons, they got rid of some of the USB ports. So the USB extension cables had to be removed. CTS is looking into adapters so they can reattach the cables. In the mean time if someone can’t get their USB to work through the USB port in the side of the keyboard, plug the mouse into the keyboard and plug their USB into the computer itself.

Paper baskets

As you have all seen printing is busy this week. Unfortunately students are printing textbooks that have been uploaded and other large jobs. Keep an eye on the baskets next to the printers. If you seem them getting messy, straighten up the papers and stack them in the basket so there aren’t papers strewn everywhere.