Print only stations

Anyone attempting to print a document that they emailed to themselves will be unable to do so directly from email. On the mac OS if someone tries to open a document a message appears telling them “The disk is full” On the Windows OS it appears that if they save the document to their Helios or a USB drive and then print they should be able to do so. There is a ticket in on this and CTS is working on the problem.

Computers on the 2nd floor

There are 2 computers on the 2nd floor that are Out of Order. There are tickets on them and CTS is handling it. Both computers are located to the right of the elevator. One of the computers is over at CTS being worked on and the other has an Out of Order sign on it. The computer needs to stay on so Romeyn can log into it from the Helpdesk and adjust the image.

Print only stations and Windows update

Over the weekend there was an issue with the print only stations, they were set to Mac OS only. Romeyn has corrected the problem and they are back up and running Over the weekend he updated the Windows image on the downstairs and refpod computers.  The Mac OS updated as well however the Powerpoint fix did not take so he will have to come in some night this week to fix it. Final draft 8 and some other applications that were not previously available have now been activated.