Wi-FI problem

There have been several patrons who have been using the wi-fi before but now they cannot get on. Their computers say they are connected to w@sp but when you click on the network meter it says that it is searching for a network. Jeff at CTS has been notified and is looking into it. For now there is no fix until Jeff notifies us.

Printing garbled code

It has been determined that the computer in the group study area against the pole in the center of the room is the cause of the code printing issue. It is due to upgrades made to the Mac OS for testing purposes. Romeyn is aware and is working on it. I have placed an out of order sign on the computer. Hopefully that will fix the issue for now

B&W Printers printing pages of garbled code

The B&W printers have been spewing out 50 or 60 pages of garbled code at a time. When they do this you must press the “Cancel” button on the printer itself. You will have to keep pressing it over and over until the printer stops printing the code. According to CTS this is a corrupt job that causes this. THey are aware of the issue but there is nothing that they can do about it right now unless we can determine who is printing the document which so far, we have been unsuccessful at

Helios on the Macs

There is an ongoing issue with the Mac OS connecting to helios and mounting the home directory on the desktop. CTS is aware and is working on this issue. It is not unique to us, it is happening all over campus. Patrons can access helios by going to the menu headings at the top and clicking on the one that is titled “GO” then click on the title “Connect to server” that appears in the drop down menu. A window will open and they can select “Helios”. This will then connect the computer to the helios server for their access. However this is not possible for the Scanning station so for the time being anyone utilizing the scanner must have a USB drive to save to.