Printer toners

There are 2 toners on the top shelf of the shelving unit. Please use those first before opening the ones in the boxes. Also on the bottom shelf are 2 toners for the new printers. Make sure you are using the correct toners for the correct printers.

Computers freezing on log off/on

Computers showing the message that the computer was shut down due to a problem- Please note the reply from CTS: “The problems that some of these computers are experiencing are due to running out of room on their hard drives. We set it so that accounts will last 3 weeks after first login, each login after that resets the timer, and now thanks to these problems, we’ve realized the issue with this. I reduced the time an individual’s account survives from 3 weeks to 3 days, meaning if you don’t log into a computer before three days, your account on it will be deleted. Some computers are so full they’ll need me to manually delete accounts. If you run into a Mac that just won’t boot or always complains of shutdown issues, let me know and I’ll come clear it.” If you see this please report it to me with the decal #- located on the back of the computer- and I will contact Nate at CTS right away -Jim