CTS update

To the Campus Community: In the coming weeks CTS will be working to convert the campus Calendar and E-mail systems to Microsoft Office 365.  This is a major upgrade which sees us migrating away from locally-hosted servers to a cloud-based service supported by Microsoft. Advantages include greater reliability, better integration over time with existing and new services, and an improved user interface. CTS will automatically migrate existing e-mail and calendar data to make the transition as easy as possible. There are multiple ways to access Office 365. The most popular will likely be the Outlook Web Interface since this is available from any location and any computer on the Internet, and thus will replace Bearmail and SOGo. Outlook is also available as an app similar in overall functionality to Apple Mail or Thunderbird. CTS is in the process of deploying this app to all campus-owned faculty/staff computers as part of the upgrade to Office 2016, which is ongoing.  CTS will appreciate your patience and cooperation when we contact you to schedule your upgrade.  Once fully deployed, the Outlook Web Interface and the Outlook app will be the only campus-supported means for accessing Office 365. The app is available for MacOS, Windows, iOS (free), and Android (free). Answers to frequently asked questions about this project and other information can be found here: http://blogs.potsdam.edu/network/o365-faqs/

Switch to Microsoft Office 365

Next week, the 25th thru the 29th, the College Libraries will be one of the first departments to make the transition to Office 365. You will be sent an email notifying you when this happens and letting you know that you will no longer be receiving email thru your current mail client. You will then need to open up Microsoft outlook and configure it for your account. CTS will provide simple instructions for this. BE AWARE- Thunderbird and Macmail will not be supported. This quote is from the FAQ that CTS will release when the transition is made-  “All campus computers going forward will be configured to use Outlook only. No support will be provided for legacy clients nor will client settings from Thunderbird or Apple Mail be preserved in situations that require a re-image of the computer or a new computer is installed. For personally owned devices, Outlook is a free application available download so that you will have the same experience at home as you do with your campus computer.” Then you should be set to go. Any questions please ask me. -Jim