Issues with new emails being sent to the Deleted Items folder

Several students have reported that they weren’t getting any new emails in their inbox. Upon investigation it seems any new emails were being sent directly to their “Deleted items” folder. CTS believes this is the result of possibly responding to a Phishing scam of some sort and have developed instructions on how to correct this. They are lengthy but talk the students through it: 1) Sign into the Web Portal (not their phone, computer, or other device). 2) Click Email 3) From the Gear menu in the upper right, click it, choose Mail 4) Expand Mail, then Automatic Processing, and look at InBox and Sweep Rules 5) There will likely be a rule in there to delete/move messages   If you get stuck and can’t figure it out please direct the student to the CTS Helpdesk during their hours of operation- 8am to 4:30pm. There is no need to continue reporting more instances of this as CTS is already aware of the problem and dealing with it. Thanks