Printer #2

The imaging unit in printer #2 has exceeded it’s life s the printer has stopped printing. I have ordered a new imaging unit that should be in soon. Until then I have set the printer to reject jobs and put an out of order sign on it

ZETA Book Scanner

I spoke with the Image Integrator Tech and he will be coming on Friday October 27th to do some upgrades on the ZETA Scanner. In the mean time there are some trouble shooting procedures I will be doing. If the scanner freezes as it has been doing randomly or it asks for an admin password or gives an error, do a hard shut down. In the back of the scanner near where the power cord plugs in is a white power button. Press it and hold it for 30 seconds until the machine completely shuts down. Then press it again to restart the scanner and it should start functioning again. Please do not press the button hard or it will damage the internal switch