Printing Supplies

As of this afternoon the printing supplies needed to get the color printer up and running have not been delivered. They were due in this week but have not arrived. Not sure if it is due to weather conditions or not. Please remember there is a color printer in Kellas 100  

Color Printer Update #2

The Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta toners are low. As in the previous blog post- The toners are on order. I have a message in to get an update on their expected arrival but I have not gotten a response. If they run out completely the printer will be placed out of order and we will direct people to Kellas 100 if they need to print in color.

Color Printer

The color printer is currently down due to a bad print job that is stuck in the queue. CTS is working on it. In the mean time there is a color printer in Kellas 100. Also the yellow toner is very low, it is on order but I am not sure how soon it will arrive.